Other Historic Gold Mines
Three other gold mines that are owned or optioned by Q-Gold at Mine Centre were partially developed at the turn of the 20th century but were never produced. These will be the subject of future exploration, as they offer the prospect of additional ore for the Foley Mine.

Manhattan Mine
The “Manhattan” Mine was explored and partially developed from 1898 to 1900, and consists of a shaft sunk to 325 feet on the “Main” Vein and drifting on 4 levels. Gold-bearing quartz veins were reported on two levels and cross-cuts at 265 and 325 feet. The Manhattan was subject to structural diamond drilling in the 2007 Exploration Program, which confirmed the vein system at depth.

Decca Mine
The “Decca” Mine has two shafts 1,200 feet apart sunk in 1900 on the “No. 1” Vein, to 55 and 105 feet respectively, with minor drifting. The vein was reported to be “narrow but rich, carrying much visible gold”.

Ferguson Mine
The “Ferguson” Mine Complex consists of four veins, each averaging 900 feet of surface exposure and from 1-3 ½ feet in width. Development work in 1900 on three of the veins produced 5 shafts ranging from 51 to 146 feet, and drifting on three of the veins averaging 110 feet. Seven surface grab samples taken by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources from the three of the veins in 1981 averaged 0.63 ounces of gold per ton (19.6 g/t).

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